It has been raining off and on pretty much all summer, and today was no different.  One thing I have to say off the bat is, I love, love, love the rain.  On those mornings when I wake up to a nice heavy summer rain, all I want to do is stay in bed with the window wide open, reading.  Bliss.  

Unfortunately, no matter how much I like the rain, it can also be rather destructive.  Today, Andrew was cleaning up the basement and noticed that the carpet was wet behind the rec room couch.  In true Andrew fashion, he immediately started ripping the panelling off the walls and pulling up carpet.  We were planning on redoing the rec room and taking the panelling down, but not so soon!  Anyway, turns out the windows that are below grade have been leaking and last I heard Andrew was pulling out chunks of sopping wet insulation.  

Now, I know that I should probably bring myself to go down and take a look at the damage, but I am just not in the mood. Right now, I just want to try to continue to enjoy the rain....

I'll have to deal with it soon enough.

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