Dear Swap Partner,

I apologize if your goodies arrive slightly squished.  Also, please keep your fingers crossed that customs doesn't open your package to check the contents...they might not be able to get it closed again.

Note to self, go with the bigger bubble mailer.



I have been working today on finishing up my projects for Modern Swappers so that I can be ready to mail this week.  Since I live in Canada and my partner doesn't, I want to mail out as soon as I can, to make up for the delay going over the border.  So far I have finished the handmade item, picked out the fabric to send and am almost finished the mini-quilt I made as decoration for my partner's sewing room.  All I have left is to bind the mini-quilt and all is finished, woo-hoo!

Now, since this is a blind swap, I can't show the handmade item in its entirety because it would giveaway who is my partner, but I took some pictures as a little tease.

Last week I was also busy working on some other projects, for myself (gasp!).  Sometimes it feels like between all of the bees and projects I never have time to work on my own projects.  But, with all that I am learning from all of my fellow quilters, it really doesn't bother me at all!

I mentioned in a past post that I won a giveaway for a gift card for The Fat Quarter Shop, and with my win I purchased a charm pack of kona cotton solids (among other things) to make this quilt:

It was quite easy, but I think it is rather effective!  It doesn't have an intended recipient yet, but I think it makes a cute little baby quilt.  Might even help teach a child their colours!


Odds & Sods

Sew Modern Bee - August Blocks
Originally uploaded by cilvee
This month I was asked to make these pinwheel blocks for one of my bees. I love the colours in them, and I hope her son (the intended recipient) enjoys his quilt!

In other news, my garden is going crazy!  This summer marks our first year, in our first house.  One thing I was intent on having was a vegetable garden.  Well, it seems I went a little nuts (If you agree that 18 tomato plants is a little much!) and my garden is bursting at the seams.  We even have a renegade pumpkin vine that is taking over the nearby lilac bush.

This picture was taken last week, and since then, the pumpkin vine has reached the top of the bush/tree and is reaching for something else to grab onto.  For now, we are just curious to see how far it gets, but as soon as it starts moving in on my laundry line we might have to figure something else out.

Also last week, I harvested some carrots.  I picked up carrot seeds from The Cottage Gardener in the spring and am thrilled with the variety of colours that I got from the aptly named "Coloured Carrot Mix."  Who knew carrots came in anything other than orange!