101 Things in 1001 Days


Start: Nov. 5, 2010
End: Aug. 2, 2013

1. Eat breakfast every day for 6 months
2. Make something for charity - made a rag quilt for the Christmas Family raffle (Dec. 17, 2010)
3. Take archery lessons - Started Jan. 8, 2011
4. Clean and organize the basement - work in progress
5. Request my grandfather's war records - Done
6. Decorate and organize my craft room - lost my craft room, now have craft corner
7. Go through books and get rid of ones I don't plan on reading
8. Eat two vegetarian meals per week for a year
9. Learn to machine knit
10. Go ATVing - went ATVing in Panama and it was awesome! (July, 2011)
11. Read all of Jane Austen's novels
12. Completely finish 5 bee quilts - one finished, 4 to go
13. Watch AFI's 100 movies from 100 years
14. Learn to speak French
15. Visit Quebec
16. Don't eat take out for a month
17. Take a photography class
18. Design an e-book with the family recipes
19. See all 5 great lakes
20. Spend more time outside
21. Go through papers and organize what I need to keep, shred the rest
22. Go ice skating
23. Send a fan letter to a celebrity I admire
24. Go to 5 different museums
25. Get a massage(Feb. 12, 2011)
26. Make ice cream from scratch - done, yum!
27. Raise some chickens in my backyard - done, lasted ONE week before bylaw officer showed up
28. Create a quilt, knit, or crochet pattern and submit it for publication
29. Find out my blood type
30. Learn how to embroider
31. Read 10 books from the banned books list
32. Go apple picking
33. Go cherry picking
34. Go strawberry picking - went July 1st weekend, 2011 with Jacquie
35. Go snorkeling
36. Learn how to screen print
37. Dye my own fabric
38. Take a road trip with no preset destination
39. Pay off my debt
40. Send a postcard through postcrossing
41. Write my will
42. See a Cirque du Soliel show - saw two, both in Las Vegas!
43. Drink one hot cup of tea a day
44. Go to 10 restaurants I've never been to before
   1. Zingerman's Deli, Ann Arbor, MI - April 10, 2011
   2. Greystone, Orangeville, ON - August, 2011
45. Take a sign language course
46. Figure out what I want to do when I grow up
47. Make my own Christmas cards (and send them out!)- 2014 thanks to Jen!
48. Get professional photos done of Andrew and I - and Clara, Christmas 2013
49. Get professional photos done of the dogs - Got them done August civic holiday weekend, 2011
50. Get to my ideal weight
51. Go to Las Vegas - Done, three times!
52. Go dinghy sailing - went in Panama, July, 2011
53. Go to the United States Sailboat Show in Annapolis Maryland - 2014
54. Go swimming at night
55. Grow my own vegetables - done
56. Take a train somewhere
57. For Christmas one year give everyone gifts that are experiences not material items
58. Put up a hammock in the backyard - two in front yard!
59. Keep a list of all of the books I read in a year
60. Make angel food cake from scratch
61. Go to a comedy show - went to Yuk Yuk's 
(Dec. 10, 2010)
62. Go snow tubing
63. Have a garage sale - 2014
64. Blog at least twice a week
65. Replace all of the windows in my house - one left
66. Finish renovating the kitchen
67. Have a piece of fresh fruit everyday for a month
68. Make my own pickled beets
69. Paint or draw a picture to frame and display in the living room - thanks Jen!
70. Give handmade gifts for every baby shower
71. Set up my floor loom or sell it
72. Write letters to five friends and mail them out
73. Write down my grandparents' stories from WW2
74. Enter something in the fall fair - done 2014
75. Read 20 books recommended by friends
76. Attend the Scottish Festival & Highland Games in Angus, ON
77. Memorize a favourite poem
78. Recover the chair in my sewing room
79. Repair and refinish the old table I bought at an auction
80. Attend 5 estate sales/auctions
81. Put away $10 for every goal completed
82. Plant a fruit tree - pear
83. Try at least one new recipe a month
84. Go to a movie by myself
85. Meet an online friend in person (Went to Cincinnati Quilt Show April, 2011 with Tong (tingtongandthings) & Brenda (justabitfrayed), had lunch with Sheila (thought & found) on way home.
86. Finish all swaps on time
87. Buy a new couch - Purchased Jan. 17, 2011
88. Have a technology free weekend (no tv, computer, or phones)
89. Go tubing down the Elora Gorge
90. Have pictures taken in a photo booth
91. Go to an amusement park
92. Visit the west coast
93. Learn how to french braid
94. Stay at a Bed & Breakfast
95. Buy a new mattress - (Purchased March, 2011)
96. Register as an organ donor and encourage others to do the same
97. Finish a crocheted project
98. Explore Toronto travelling only via the subway for one whole day
99. Go to Toronto Island
100. Visit 5 Ontario Ports
101. See all 8 locks on the Welland Canal