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Christmas Tree Hunting

My husband's family has an annual Christmas tradition that we enjoyed this weekend.  Christmas tree hunting!  An afternoon where we freeze our butts off, dodge and throw snowballs, and hopefully end up finding the perfect Christmas tree!

Andrew after a serious snowball battle.

Our nephew Colton running after his uncle Andrew with a snowball.

Colton pulling his snowball making supplies in his sled.  
He was very protective of those supplies, wouldn't let anyone near his sled!

Our niece Paris with her Grandmother (my MIL).  
Paris was very proud of her Christmas tree.

My SIL Carola with her dog Triton, our tree pulling work dog! 
He's so big I don't think he even felt the weight of the tree; 
pulled it like it was nothing!


Christmas Bonus Time!

I got some Christmas bonus money yesterday and it was burning a hole in my pocket!  So, I went to a quilt shop here in Toronto on my lunch break today.  Sew Sisters had surprisingly good prices.  I was impressed with their sales section.  I was able to find some cute prints for $6.99/meter.  Bonus!

Here are some of my finds:

David Walker's Robots (sale)

Minny Muu (sale)

The first one is Joel Dewberry (paid regular price)
 and the last two are Jennifer Paganelli (sale)

These are Meadowsweet (paid regular price)

I can't wait to get them home and cut into them!


Mini QT Finished!

My Mini QT partner has received her quilt, so I can finally post this:

This was my first time participating in the Mini QT Swap.  The theme was "houses" and my partner littleloops suggested that she would like me to work on something with the theme "pink houses."  I love how this quilt turned out; pink and green are one of my favourite colour combinations and I think they really pop on the bright white background.

Here is the finished quilt.  I made the houses removable so that littleloops could place them whichever way she wanted.

Also, if you flip the houses around they each have a pocket on the backs.  To go in the pockets, I found some old skeleton keys and created tags that are meant to be a little inspirational.

Here is a closeup of the tags.


Above are pictures of the pieces taken off of the quilt.

It is a relief to have this (successfully!) finished, and I really hope littleloops likes it as much as I enjoyed making it! 


I'm Boring, I Know.

I have had so much to post about, but unfortunately because it is all about swap stuff I can't post about it yet!  There are two projects that I have finished in the last week or so that I would love to show you, but since my swap partners haven't received their goodies I am forced to wait.  Please mail, go faster!  Go FASTER!!

Stay tuned :)