Girl or Boy?

Well, we just heard the news that good friends of ours are in the hospital where she is about to give birth to their first baby.  We wish them the very best and can't wait to hear that everthing went well.  In preparation for this baby, I have started two quilts.  They chose to keep the gender a surprise, so instead of making a gender neutral quilt, I chose to start two.  Once I know what they had, I will finish up the right quilt and save the other one for another baby to enjoy.

Both quilts were made using fabrics from Timber & Leaf, which is a collection that I fell in love with at first sight!

This is the baby girl quilt I started.  This quilt was the main reason I chose to make two.  The "boy" quilt could work for both, but I really wanted to try out thisheart design with the corals, and it didn't register as very boyish.

Top is done, now how to quilt it?

Next up is the baby boy quilt.  I used the Sparkle Punch pattern found here.

Baby Boy quilt basted

For now, we wait, and then there is some quilting to do before we meet the little munchkin!