Close Call

This evening after work Andrew and I met at a friend's farm to gather up slate rock to use for a new patio (there was lots, and we were told to help ourselves.  Thanks Jason!).  We filled up the back of the pickup truck and then both went our separate ways to head home.  I was parked out by the road and had hopped the fence into the field, and Andrew had to drive the truck around and out a ways down the road from where I was.

Anyway, I got to the car and realized...my car keys...were in Andrew's truck!!  Being a city girl, I had locked the car - with my cellphone in it.  So I had no way to call him, no way to flag him down (the driveway was over the next hill) and as I started to jog up the side of the road picturing myself totally missing him and having to walk across the fields to our friend's place - a trip that takes a good 15-20 mins by car, all the while losing daylight, it occurred to me that I have a two-way remote start/security system in my car.  So back to the car I went.  I am sure this system was not made for this reason, but it works!  All I had to do was trip the car alarm and my key fob went nuts in Andrew's truck.  I grabbed the car door handle and started rocking the car as hard as I could.  Sure enough, it worked.  From wherever he was, Andrew was able to unlock and remote start my car so that I could sit in the lovely a/c while waiting for him to arrive with my keys.

Another reason why I love being married to guy who sells auto accessories, the too cool gadgets!

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  1. LOL!!! So clever of you to even think of that!