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Sew 2 Speak - July Blocks
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Yesterday I worked on some bee blocks. For my Sew Modern Bee, Nicole (nicoles_rainbow) asked us to mail back the finished block without posting pictures so that it would be a surprise for her, so I will have to wait until she receives it to show it off - though I was quite happy with the way that it turned out!

The blocks pictured her were for Liz (ibmomof2) and they turned out quite nicely as well. I love the cherries in the corners, I think they are just so fun! This pattern was from the Material Obsessions 2 book but I forget off the top of my head what it is called. Does anyone know?

I had some trouble lining up the points in the centre of the block. By the time the rest of the block is sewn together, there is quite a lump in the middle that is hard to work with. They are a little bit off still, but I hope they are something Liz will be able to work with.

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