As I mentioned yesterday, I spent last Saturday at the Creativ Festival in Toronto with my mother.  When we were leaving the show my mother reminded me that I had wanted to test out sewing machines.  I have a very basic Janome that has been great so far, but is limiting in what I can do.  Recently I finished free motion quilting a queen sized quilt and the sore shoulders and frustration of trying to feed it through my machine told me that I needed to either avoid bigger quilts, or find another machine.

So, we wandered over to the Janome booth and I explained to the sales person what I needed a machine for.  I tried out a couple of machines and found I really liked the Elna Q7200.  Unfortunately, the price was more than I could afford so I halfheartedly asked about payment plans, knowing that wasn't an option for me.  I figured at least I had a number in my head for what I had to save up for a new machine.  As I was talking to the salesperson, my mother interrupted and offered them $300 under the show price, which was $700 under the list price and said we wanted to take it that day.  Uh, what?!  I had to sit down.  My mother was offering to buy me that sewing machine!  And amazingly, they took the offer!  So, my good news for the day, is that I now have a beautiful new sewing machine that I thought I would have to wait months to afford.  My mother's price?  A quilt and some pillows.  Done, and done!

Here it is:

More info about it here.

My mother's comment to the salesperson when the transaction was finished: "I just love surprising my children."


  1. What an awesome Mommy! That's a great story! My mom always told me that you never know until you ask so I'm notorious for asking for discounts. :) I don't care if people think I'm cheap, I get a lot of great deals!

  2. Wow nice!!! What a great surprise. I got a new machine early this year and I love it so much I dont know what I would do without it, I actually checked this one out and its very nice, much like the Janome 6600. Great choice.