Points? What Points?

Yesterday I was flipping through my Stitch magazines and saw the Pi Pillow in one of the Spring Issues.  I thought it looked pretty darn good, and so I immediately put together some fabrics and cut out the wedges.  I laid the wedges out on the table and everything was going well.  I might even have given myself a mental pat on the back.

Picture of the Pi Pillow from the magazine

This morning, I woke up and my first task of the day was sewing all of those wedges together into what was promising to be a cute "rustic" pillow.   Unfortunately, even with careful pinning, the wedges did not line up at the end.  Instead of looking like the beautiful pillow in the picture above, I got this:

...and here's a close up:

So if anyone has any suggestions about how to get those points to line up, please share your expertise, as I could really use the help!


  1. My suggestion is to leave it as is and quilt it in a swirl so it looks like you meant for it to come out like that! :)

    If you really want to make it look like the picture, I would say sew the wedges in segments of two. Then sew the segments to two together to make 4. Then, sew the 4-piece segments to make 2 eight and then sew the top and bottom 8-piece segments to make the circle. I have no clue what the instructions are, but that's how I would put it together if I was sewing it! Hope this helps!

  2. I think you should just leave it. So what if it doesn't match up?! If it is bugging you too much you should separate it down the middle seam and try to match up the two halves together in the center since it looks like (from the picture) the points of each half match. (Does that make sense?) Then you would have to cut your circle down smaller.

    If you've got enough fabric and want to try again maybe consider paper piecing it?