Coming out the other side...

Have you ever had one of those months where you look back and are amazed that you survived?  Well, every December seems to be one of those months for me.  Between my birthday and Christmas I feel like the month just flies by laughing at me.  Well, this December was no different.

Fortunately, this December I had a lifeline - my mailbox.  Throughout the month I received some wonderful things from flickr swaps.  Opening up my mailbox and finding these wonderful swap packages were what kept me going through weeks where we were working close to 15 hour days and having major staffing issues, one in particular who only lasted one week and caused almost $1000 of damage in one day...but that is another story! (Can you sense that I am still sore about this!!)  Ah, the joys of running your own company...or so I am told....

Back to my swap packages.

The first swap package that I received contained the fabulous mini quilt from Lynda (littleloops).

Paired up in the Mini QT Swap, we each gave each other tips on what kind of a mini quilt we would like within the theme of "houses."  I suggested that I would like a quilt that reminded me of the beach and warmer weather (anyone living in Canada/Northern US should have no problem guessing why!), while Lynda threw out the theme of "pink" houses.

I had an idea from the start of what I wanted to do, and was pretty excited about how it turned out.  Though Lynda didn't request a "holiday house" I had it stuck in my head to make little ornament houses.  They are in no way Christmasy, but I made them so that they could be removed and used to decorate a sewing space.  I have previously blogged about this quilt and you can read about the details of it here.

The quilt that Lynda made for me was EXACTLY what I was hoping for!  Something cheerful, beachy and bright!  I did a little happy dance when I opened it, and have been showing anyone who enters the house...which, given the holiday season was more than average!  My sister actually asked if it was for her...um, nope!  Mine, all mine!  Hahaha.

I have to say, that after seeing these two quilts in their finished fantastic-ness, my first Mini QT Swap was a success!

More Swap goodness coming in another post...stay tuned :)

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