Baby Boots

Just planning ahead a bit here...people are starting to have or talk about having babies a lot around here, so I was checking out patterns on etsy yesterday and found this one.  I thought they looked really cute so I sewed up a pair while watching tv last night.


I made the biggest (18-24 month) size figuring that as I worked on a new pattern 
I didn't need to torture myself by working in miniature.  

For the outside I used fabric from Heather Ross's FFA2 line, 
and the lining is from Amy Butler's Soul Blossoms line.

They are really cute, but I wouldn't put them on an active almost two year old unless I use a sturdier outer fabric.


  1. super cute sylvia! I have a 13 month old if you are looking for someone to try them out on. ;)

    Oh and my husband was able to ship you package today (finally!)...I'm sick and couldn't get to it...but I made myself fill out all the forms and everything today. ;)