A couple of months ago I was inspired to make a quilt using thrift store shirts.  So I went to Value Village during their 50% off sale and picked up a bunch of 100% cotton dress shirts in all different patterns.  Generally I am quite happy with my choices, and have spent the last few weeks ripping out seams and tearing off buttons.  After I had brandished my seam ripper on roughly half of the shirts I realized that in my attempt to save every last bit of fabric I could, I had failed to look at the quality of the fabric I was saving.  I have since reassessed my strategy and things are going much faster!  I may have been saving every inch of fabric, but the majority of the bits I was saving (seams & cuffs) were so ragged that I would have been trimming them off anyway.  Once all of the shirts are cut up, I plan on using the fabric to make myself a log cabin quilt though I haven't decided if I want to make it wonky, or traditional.

(Wonky Log Cabin block that I made for Singings in my Sew 2 Speak Quilting Bee)

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